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Design Brief

The first stage in getting any plans done is to prepare a design brief. Your Architect or Building Designer will typically prepare one before starting to make sure everyone is on the same page. In fact if your Design Professional doesn’t provide one you are quite within your rights to insist on one. Klick the “Read More” button to read the blog post and to get your FREE copy of the Brief

House Plans

Tiny Houses

This site is all about tiny houses and it is quite unique. From plans for tiny houses, cabins or playhouses to books on tiny houses to loads of information for the DIY. They have documents in both imperial and metric measurement so it can be used anywhere in the world. And of course don’t forget to check with your local authority to see what permits are required.


Australian Suppliers


HomeShoppe is a specialist retailer of quality home decor and furniture products. All products are warehoused locally and they strive to bring you the best for your home, only from quality Australian suppliers.

Smart Homes

The future is already here. From automating soft lighting in the mornings to asking your smart speaker for the latest weather update and even seeing who’s at the door while you’re at work, smart home automation devices are designed for convenience, comfort and peace of mind.
With wireless internet access and a selection of these smart gadgets you?ll be one step closer to your dream smart home.

Smart Home

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Graphic Design


How to create a beautiful moodboard

Canva is the world’s easiest design tool — and the best part? It’s free. Create a beautiful, and shareable mood board with Canva, in minutes.

Mood Boards

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